Sunday, 28 February 2016

Ballerina Cupcake Topper

Aaah, pink and white - it's so pretty and peaceful, isn't it? So serene.
I could nod off to sleep just looking at the combination.
Or that could be the lack of caffeine in my system and all the years of sleep deprivation I've accumulated since becoming a mother....

Which is an endless discussion (all my own fault, compounded by my daughter's need to not sleep with me but on me...); so lets rather focus on ballerina cupcakes and not the little sleep-terrorists you might be making them for...

How to make a 2D ballerina cupcake topper: 

Print out an image and place it on top of a piece of rolled out CMC paste.  Use a tool to trace over the image. The imprint left behind will be the guide to use for cutting out the design with a sharp craft knife.  Keep the blade clean, otherwise it snags as it cuts. 
(You may prefer to use the flip side of the character that you've cut out as it is often neater, with cleaner edges.) 

Dip a cocktail stick into CMC glue, then gently push it up into the legs of the ballerina. (If you're concerned about the stick being eaten - replace with dried spaghetti instead. Because we do love them, even if they don't let us sleep!) 

Ruffle a piece of pink paste

... and pleat it.

  Cut to size, and use the CMC glue to stick it in place. 

Leave to dry completely before placing onto a swirl of pretty pink icing. 

Tu-tu pretty to eat!
I stole that phrase from a Facebook friend - 'cos I'm too tired to think of something clever to say myself ;o)

Happy decorating!


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