Wednesday, 13 January 2016

Whimsical Sugarpaste Snail

Here's a little mid-week whimsy for you... 


I saw a snail like this made out of clay a while ago (the original artist is "JooJoo" / Afsaneh Tajvidi), and I was completely charmed by it. So, it's been on my fondant modeling to-do list since then. 
(There's also a baking to-do list; a sewing to-do list; a reading to-do list; a house ... ok, you get the picture..!).

But while this little creature suggested "spring-project" to me,  I didn't get around to making it until now.... because mid-summer is such a great time to be voluntarily working with modelling chocolate, right? (insert rolling eyes emoji here!) 
Finally though, we've had a balmy break from the 40'C days, and here she is, with a few work in progress shots...

Materials used -
Dusting powder - green, pink
Food doodlers - black, pink

(If you want to see Afsaneh Tajvidi's original clay work, visit

Happy decorating!


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