Saturday, 10 October 2015

Daisy Cake

One of my greatest pleasures (and often challenges!)  in decorating, comes from choosing which colours to use together. 
Working it out is like a little bit of science, a little bit of art, and a little bit of magic!
   At the moment I'm enjoying using simple colour combinations  - bold ones like the black and white that we're using in an upcoming cookie class; orange and black (guess what October theme that's for!); and fresh ones like this combination of yellow and white.     
A very skilled cake artist that I know, once suggested that the addition of a bit of green often made the other colours on a cake "pop".
So, while not wanting to take anything away from the simplicity of the yellow and white, I thought some hints of green was good idea for this cake, to bring it to life.  What do you think? 


Cut out the daisy from white CMC paste, use a leaf veiner to add detail

Place in a flower former to dry the petals slightly cupped

Dust the centre of the flowers with green dusting powder [this colour is Avocado from the Rolkem Rainbow Spectrum range] 

Use a little CMC glue to place the flower centres [these were made from yellow CMC paste, and cut with  Jem Cutters daisy centre stamps] Allow to dry completely before placing on the cake. [Use royal icing or melted white chocolate to insure they are securely stuck on]  

Yellow and white daisy cake...with a touch of green!

Happy decorating!


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