Sunday, 18 October 2015

Black and White Cookies

When I scheduled this theme - Black and White Cookies - I had a very clear idea of what I was going to do, but the months between the scheduling and the doing had clouded that inspiration, and when I was due to make the demo's, I found myself at a loss as to how to pull it all together. I'd promised stamping, stencilling, and brush embroidery techniques. In only two colours.
Yes, I know - looking at them now, it's clear that "Black and White Elegance" was the way to go, but I had a few stressful days there, all right?!

Here's a refresher on how to create a quilted effect on a cookie.
( I say refresher, because that was one of the earliest cookie tutorials I wrote on this blog, even before I had access to small, neat 00 icing tips. I cringe when I look at my amateur photography and early cookies; but if you insist on seeing it ... you'll find that post here!)

Quilted Cookie Tutorial:

Using an edible marker, or non-toxic graphite pencil, outline a grid of squares on the cookie. Pipe lines over the grid using an Ateco 00 or  PME 1.5 tip and soft-peak consistency royal icing 

Flood alternate square with flooding-consistency royal icing and allow to set (+/- 20min - depending on the ambient humidity). Once those squares have set, fill in the remaining squares.
Allow those squares to dry, then pipe dots of icing (soft-peak consistency) where the edges of the squares meet. Allow the cookie to dry completely overnight before packaging.

Happy decorating!


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