Saturday, 12 September 2015

Western Themed Cookies

It was Grandparents Day at my daughter's school this week; and the last one that I'll be involved in. *Sob!*
Next year she'll be joining her brother at "big school" and while they still host a Grandparents Day there, it's not the big event that it is for the pre-schoolers.
And it really is an event - there's a marquee and music (courtesy of the kids); decorated tables and waitresses (moms); lots of good food and good fun.
And there's always a theme.
This year it was "Western". So I made a few sets of decorated cookies for gifts and lucky-draws.

It's such a fun theme to decorate. Why haven't I done it before? The closest I've got is Mexican. 
But Western is now definitely on the list of classes-to-do for next year. Yee-haw

 For a tutorial on bandana cookies, visit one of my favourite cookie artists, Sweet Sugarbelle - here:

Happy decorating!

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