Monday, 21 September 2015

Nautical Cupcakes: Fondant Reef Knot

I was neither a Brownie nor a Girl Scout. I can tie two basic knots (and often have to pause as I ponder the next loop...)
But baking and decorating stretches your abilities in many different ways, and I can now proudly claim to have mastered the reef knot!
But only in sugar paste...
Which is good enough for this landlubber!

Nautical Cupcakes

Sugar-paste Reef Knot - made from a fondant / modelling chocolate blend.

Roll out two long strands of paste

Loop them


Feed the ends of the top one down and through the loop of the bottom one
Bring the ends of the bottom one up and through the top one's loop


Trim off the messy ends (if you wait for your fondant/ modelling chocolate to set up a little, the ends won't be as squashed as they are in the pictures - I was rushing for the tutorial!)  

Ta da... Reef kot! 

Happy sailing decorating! 


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