Tuesday, 4 August 2015

Penguins of Madagascar Cookies

Here are some cookies from our Penguins of Madagascar themed party. ('Cause I'm already totally over these critters and ready to move on...!) 

I made royal icing transfers for the penguins, because that seemed easier than sketching each character onto the cookies. And it was a very easy process. So easy that I managed to do them during the school holidays with yells for Mom interrupting me every 5 seconds.

To make transfers, print out appropriately sized images. Tape them to your work surface and tape a sheet of clear acetate on top. You'll be piping your royal icing onto the acetate.
 These are shadowy, bad-angled photos, but basically I outlined and filled in the black areas first.

Allowed those to dry, then outlined the white areas and filled those in.

When the white areas were set, I filled in the orange beaks and added the feet.

Last were the eyes - blue dots with black pupils.

The penguins were left to dry for 24 hours before I lifted them with a palette knife and transferred to freshly flooded cookies.
A few of the feet broke off in the process, but they were easy enough to pipe onto the dried cookie.

Enough of the Penguins now. If you want to see the cake pops, they're on the Tea, Cake and Create Facebook page. 



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