Tuesday, 11 August 2015

Braided Nutella Bread

So, I may become a little theme-obsessed.
Ok, I freely admit it. I do. I do!

For my son's recent Penguins of Madagascar party, it was all about black, white and orange ... and so of course I had to carry that through from the decor to the food. (With the minor concession of dark chocolate substituting for black... I'm ok with that.)

The kids' table had Flings (in lieu of "Cheezy Dibbles" - Penguins' favourite snack, apparently); orange wedges;  liquorice; home-made white marshmallows and popcorn. (And the other baked treats that I posted on Facebook.)

I had a bunch of ideas for the adults' table, but had to restrain myself to just a few, and made dark chocolate tarts, cookies and cream cheesecake with Oreo truffles and a braided Nutella bread.

So, I'm working on putting the cheesecake recipe together for you, but for now here's the link for the braided nutella bread.
As always, when working with a yeast dough you have to have the patience of two provings.
But (as always) it's worth it!

Happy baking!

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