Sunday, 30 November 2014

Fondant Ballerina Cake Topper

I hope that I'll get to do a ballerina-themed party for my daughter sometime, but we've discussed her parties until she's 8 (she's 4 now) and apparently it's not on the agenda for the near future!
But that doesn't stop me from collecting inspiration just in case - like this photo frame I took a phone-pic of a few months ago.

When I saw it, my first thought was not  "That would look sweet in Sabrina's room." (although it would!). Uh-uh. What I thought was "What an adorable figure that would be to sculpt!" Cake brain! 

Anyway,  I finally got the opportunity to make her this week. (Thank goodness there are other little girls out there who want ballerina parties!) 

I'm a little rusty with my figure-modeling, because I've done so little of it this year. 
And like anything in sugar craft, getting it right takes a lot of practice.

It also helps to have some idea of where to start. 
There are dozens of videos on YouTube. Some good, some... um... not so good. 
And after you've watch a few, you'll see that that there are a number of different approaches, and everyone seems to have their favourite tools. But they give you some ideas, and you'll probably soon develop your own style and techniques as you go. 

Here are some videos on fondant face sculpting:

Sunday night viewing ;o)

Have a sweet week!


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