Tuesday, 11 November 2014

Character Cupcakes - Dusty the Plane

Well, it wasn't the first time this year that I sat down to decorate the demo cupcakes for a class and thought what was I thinking?! This time, though, it wasn't because I needed inspiration, but because there were just too many choices.
Where to start, but more tricky - where to stop with Character Cupcakes?!

I had in mind doing only the characters that could be covered by a predominantly red, black and white colour scheme. And maybe some yellow. Well, a lot of yellow and some blue. Um, perhaps a bit more blue that that...

And then, I put it out there and said that the class attendees should suggest any that they'd like to do...

So, it was quite a collection of characters in the end. But I thoroughly enjoyed making them!

Anyway, here are a few tips on making Dusty, the plane cupcake:

He is a pretty simple construction of a few basic shapes and strips of fondant.
(All paste used is a mixture of coloured fondant and modelling chocolate).

After creating a buttercream dome on the cupcake, cover with white fondant. Use a dresden tool and flatten out symmetrical areas on the sides of the cupcake in anticipation of placing the wings.

Make the wings first, as they need time to harden.
Start with a square of paste; cut it into 2 at a slight angle.
 Flip one of the pieces over so that they are a mirror image of each other.
Stick on the orange strips.
Paint on the 7. The circle is stamped on with a small circle cutter dipped into the edible paint (black gel colour mixed with clear alcohol).

Allow to dry before attaching to the cupcake.

For the propeller - cut out a circle of paste.
Impress a smaller circle into the centre to act as a guide - to limit your cuts.

Cut out the wedges.

Then allow to dry.

Stick onto the front of the cupcake, and place another button of paste onto the centre.

 Shape the cockpit by hand.
Tap it on your work surface to flatten the sides.

Use a small palette knife to demarcate the windscreen.

Construct a tail out of a small rectangle and a wedge of paste.

Add the central strip of orange and blue paste and start putting it all together.

The eyes are small squares, cut at a slight angle on the top, layered with a small blue circle and black pupil.

You may need to add support underneath the wings - dry spaghetti or toothpicks.
If you use toothpicks, they must be removed before the cupcakes are served.

Happy decorating!


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