Sunday, 5 October 2014

Roses Cake

Ah, Sundays...
Fantasy: A day to sleep in; read the paper; take leisurely drives, and long lunches.
Reality: Get woken up at 5am; harassed to read "Dorothy and Toto"; rush through the shops, and spend hours making meals and snacks and cleaning up afterwards .
So, I have mixed feelings about Sundays. Sometimes, Monday comes as a relief!

But while I might not have had time to smell the roses today, I did manage to make some...

I'm not usually enthused by the idea of making roses, but once I start I get a little carried away.
Everyone has their own preference of which paste to use, but I like a 50:50 mix of tylose paste and fondant to make these flowers. It works beautifully for the task.
You'll find the tylose paste recipe here.
 And a few dozen rose tutorials on YouTube - watch many, try a few and find what works for you : )

Happy creating!


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