Friday, 10 October 2014

Paris Cookies - Ooh, La La!

Did I  tell you about our trip to Paris last year? Well, it was more like a trip through Paris; a brief sojourn between EuroDisney and the Alps.
After a hot morning of dragging baggage and babes through confusing Metro stations and up and down confounding stairs, we checked into a our pit-stop (a small but elegant hotel room). Then set off into the Paris of popular-imagery.
In one afternoon we managed the Eiffel Tower, a trip along the Seine, a walk and ice-cream in the Tuileries Gardens and dinner in a sidewalk café (served by a bow-tie wearing waiter, of course).
What more could you ask for? Um...well, visiting the Louvre and Notre Dame; shopping along the Champs Elysées,  sampling macarons from Pierre Hermé ... perhaps?
But there's only so much that you can do with kids-in-tow in a few hours, even if the sun only sets at 10pm. And so there are just more reasons to return there one day ;)

Here's a glimpse of my Paris-inspired cookies....
(inspired by Paris, but also cookie artists: Sweet Face Cookies, Sugar Bliss Cookies, Arty McGoo, and Cookie Crumbs).

And here are a few work-in-progress shots of one of the cookies, which for some reason I think of as  "Moulin Rouge":

Draw design onto cookie first (I use a graphite pencil, but you can use an edible marker if you prefer).
If you're battling to draw the swags, make a mark at the lowest point of the central swag - keep it in line with the central point of the cookie. Make marks at the highest point of each swag, and marks at the lowest points. Then join the dots : )

Make the cookie look symmetrical by keeping the central black stripe in line with the central point of the cookie (where the plaque peaks outwards).

Outline swags.
Outline stripes (done with outline consistency royal icing and an Ateco 00 nozzle)
 Flood with flooding consistency black icing.

Leave to dry, then flood white stripes.

Leave to dry, then flood pink swags.

Once again, leave to dry before adding finishing details:- white on black stripes, dots, and small fleur de lis flourishes.

I like that one, but I just can't get enough of the pink with black dots... and the black with pink dots...

Ooh, la la!

À bientôt!


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