Monday, 22 September 2014

Frangipani Cake

Can we just ignore the fact that as far as these pages go, last week didn't happen?
It was such a bleucgh week for me. (You won't find a definition for that word in any dictionary, but it describes the paler shade of green that I was feeling). Some inconsiderate virus didn't give any due to the fact that I HAD THINGS TO DO! and made me want to curl up under my duvet instead.
But I plodded through the week, and managed to get through everything that needed to be done - except post anything here... oops!

One of the challenges was this 21st cake:
What was I thinking?! Stripes in 40'C heat and with a zombie-brain.

And I had the idea of doing a frangipani ball for the top of the cake.
Well, frangipani's are easy enough to make. But I needed to wire them to attach to the central ball of polystyrene. They're not the easiest flowers to wire.
This is what I did: Made the flower, snipped off the twist at the base and stuck in the wire. Easy. Yeah, right. And then there's the matter of arranging them in a ball.
What was I thinking?!

It all kind-of came together in the end. And now, a few days later, I can say "It was a good learning experience"! I'll do things a little differently next time; but that's what experience is for. And to give you grey hairs! 

Here's a link to a frangipani tutorial: 

Happy creating!


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