Monday, 8 September 2014

Cranberry and Macadamia Nut Blondies

I was thinking of making Sunday officially recipe / sharing day, but the tag-end of the weekend often passes in such a slump, that I don't want to make any promises I can't keep... And seeing as I'm writing this on a Monday, that's probably an accurate assessment!
So, I'll work on a Sunday/Monday deal, instead - ok?!
This recipe was inspired by Sheldene. She asked if a blondies recipe would work if it had quantities of ingredients similar to this date and nut brownies recipe.
I guess it does, Sheldene ;)
Thank you for the inspiration!

Cranberry and Macadamia Nut Blondies
Recipe by Tea, Cake and Create

Preheat the oven to 180'C
Grease and line a brownie baking pan.

400g white chocolate, broken into small even-sized pieces
50g butter
80g flour
100g dried cranberries
100g macadamia nuts, roughly chopped
100g caster sugar
3 eggs
1/2 tsp salt
1tsp vanilla extract

Melt the chocolate and butter together.
Set aside to cool.

Beat the eggs and sugar until pale and creamy.
Pour the cooled chocolate into the egg mixture. Add the vanilla extract. Beat on low speed until incorporated.

Sift in the dry ingredients. Mix briefly.
Fold in the cranberries and nuts.

Pour the batter into the prepared brownie pan and bake at 180'C for approx 40min - a skewer inserted into the centre of brownies should come out with sticky crumbs stuck to it.

Remove from the oven and cool. Cut into squares and dust with icing sugar.




  1. How yummy. Is there anything I can substitute for cranberries? Thanks in advance.

    1. You could add any dried fruit, berries or cherries (I particularly like pairing figs with white chocolate); or use dark chocolate chips; caramel chunks, etc ... go wild and experiment ;o)