Monday, 24 March 2014

Rainbow Icing

So, I may have mentioned it before: I can become a little fixated on a theme.
Fondant rainbow, rainbow decorations, rainbow cookies, rainbow jelly, rainbow candy, rainbow party favors and of course rainbow cupcakes - which is what I'll share with you now.
The one thing I didn't do was rainbow layers for the cake. I just can't bring myself to put that many "e-numbers" into children's tummies. So, I went with chocolate mud-cake instead. Much healthier!!

; )

Any-hoo... This is the way I do multi-tone / rainbow icing swirls:

Smooth a dollop of icing onto a strip of cling wrap.

Roll the icing up into a sausage.

Just pretend that this icing is blue and the same as the one above and that I didn't forget to take a picture of that step with the blue icing….ok?!

Repeat with the other colours.

Place the "sausages" together and feed the twisted ends of the cling-wrap through the icing nozzle.
It can be tricky to do this with a closed star piping tip if it is already in a piping bag, so pull all the twists through the nozzle,

then put the nozzle and sausages into an piping bag.

Snip the twists off, then withdraw the sausages slightly so that the cling wrap is no longer in the tip of the nozzle.
Squeeze the bag until all three colours come out together, then ice the cupcakes.

So, it takes a little prep, but it's a really simple and neat way to do it. And anything that is neat and clean always a big selling point in the chaos of my kitchen!

Happy decorating!


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