Sunday, 2 March 2014

Grey Buttercream Icing

It's a topic I can't keep away from for long: colour - and my lurve of working with it!
Surely, there must be a limit to what I can say on the subject?  You'd think…
But while the number of primary and secondary colours may be limited, all the possibilities of shades and blends out there are probably infinite. (Insert big smiley face here!).
So, these pages may be in for a few more discourses on the subject.
 If it's not your cup of tea (and cake), my apologies; I'll post another recipe soon!

Today let's talk grey.

For our Buttons and Bears themed cupcakes, I chose a blue, grey and yellow colour scheme.

And because we also do buttercream icing techniques in the classes, I made icing in the same colours. Well - I made pale blue and yellow icing; completely baulked at the thought of navy icing, but decided to brave the grey. 

Here's how:

Start with white icing :
- use white margarine (locally it is called "Wooden Spoon" white margarine)
- or substitute some of the butter with vegetable shortening
- or use a touch of purple colouring to neutralise the yellow 

Then add a drop of Sky Blue gel colour, followed by a drop or two of Super Black (depending on how dark a grey you want).
The addition of the blue adds interest to the colour, so that it is more alive than just a flat grey tone.

I use the same combination to colour fondant grey, too.

 (Credit for the design of these cute guys goes to Bake-a-boo Cakes)

So, that's it: behind every grey cupcake there's a blue icing…
; )


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