Tuesday, 29 October 2013

Tiered Cookies (Cookie Stacks)

First, I'll make a quick trick brick stack

You'll have seen similar cookie stacks before, I'm sure. There are a number of variations out there. But aren't they all gorgeous in their simple perfection?
Mine aren't perfect - far from it. But the idea - oh, I wish I could come up with such things! Maybe one of these days. Until then, I'll blame my be-fuddled brain and its need to borrow inspiration on years of sleep deprivation and too much Dr Seuss...
; )

Then I'll make a quick trick block stack

Anyway - you too can make a quick trick cookie stack....

You'll need:
Paired biscuits in 3 sizes
Royal icing
Royal icing or gumpaste decorations

Outline and flood the biscuits - pay attention to the edge, as you want to outline relatively close to the edge but not flood over it.
Allow to dry.
Stack once dry - use a blob of icing in between the tiers to glue them together.
Pipe on some dots.
Finish off with a pretty iced flower (or gumpaste flower) on top.

You can make a quick trick chick stack

You can make a quick trick clock stack

Happy creating (or re-creating!)


(With sincere apologies - and appreciation! - to Dr Seuss, Fox in Socks)

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