Thursday, 15 August 2013

Frilled Fantasy Flower

I love cookie / fondant cutters that are sets of the same shape in a range of sizes. They're just so ... neat!
Beryl from Let's Party Knysna very kindly supplied me with a great set of blossom cutters - they veritably sing spring - that I'll be getting lots of use out of over the next few weeks.
There are so many great things that you can do with them.
 Here's one idea:

How to make a ombre ruffled flower -
It's a lovely decoration for a cake or cupcakes. And something that is so simple to make.

What you'll need:

Tylose paste or fondant with tylose powder added to it.
A small fondant roller
Gel colour
Tylose glue
Cutters - a set of blossom cutters in a range of sizes.
Paper towel
Cocktail stick / skewer

Colour half your paste in the colour of your choice. Keep the rest white.
(Remember to keep the paste sealed in a bag while you're not using it.)

Roll out the coloured paste.
Cut out the first layer of petals using the largest flower cutter.

Roll the cocktail stick firmly along the edge of the petals to create the ruffles/frills.

Place in a foil covered bowl to support the petals as they dry.

Mix some coloured paste with a little white paste.

Roll out, and repeat the process with a progressively smaller blossom cutters, adding a little more white paste to the mix as you go.

Use a little tylose glue in the centre of the flowers to stick them together.

If necessary use pieces of rolled up paper towel to hold up the ruffles of the flower as they dry.

For the centre of the flower, use white paste and cut out 3 of the smallest flowers.

Frill their edges as above, then carefully pinch them from beneath and gather. Bunch them together and glue in the centre of the blossom.

Allow to dry overnight before attaching to your cake. Use a small ball of fondant and tylose glue, or some royal icing to secure in place.

** if you are in KZN, you can get Let's Party Knysna cutters and other products from Tea, Cake and Create (that's us!), for the rest of SA - visit directly - say Hi to Beryl from me!


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