Thursday, 8 August 2013

Buttercream flower

Do you ever see something and then just have to try it out for yourself? (Or is it just me that has these obsessions?? Nah - you do too, right?)

Thankfully I had a reason to make a cake - my sister had requested a ganache'd cake for her birthday. I'd been wondering how to embellish it, when ta-da-daaa... (we've been watching "The Croods")
I spotted this technique on Pinterest. The original seems to belong to Amber's Cake Creations, shared via Cake Central.
(Here is the link:

And here is my version.

The technique is one that I shared here - just made into a flower. 
Tip: mark your outer circle before you begin to guide your placement of the petals. 

The recipe for this particular cake - Amarula (yes - again!) and orange, I will share with you soon. 

Happy decorating!


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