Sunday, 23 June 2013

Gold Paint: Painting with Luster Dust

{{Psssst! Have you noticed that Luster Dust has a ... well, there's no easy way to say this...a bit of an alcohol problem?!
Too little of the stuff and it isn't very sociable, just sits in the corner in a sulk.
Too much, and it's out of control, unmanageable!}}

Ok. Clearly my anthropomorphizing is out of control, too! Must be all the time spent in the company of cookies and cupcakes!

Really now: luster dust doesn't actually dissolve in alcohol, it stays in suspension. So if you want to make a paint out if it, you need to achieve a balance between liquid and powder.

Charm Bracelet Cookies with Gold Luster Paint

Gold paint:

You'll need:

Gold luster dust
Clear alcohol* (vodka, cane; or clear extracts - like lemon - with a high alcohol percentage).

* use alcohol, not water because it evaporates rapidly and doesn't dissolve the surface you're painting!

Place about 1/4 tsp luster dust in a small container, add a few drops of clear alcohol. Mix with a paintbrush.
It should be neither too liquid - the luster won't stay where you're painting it; nor too thick and clumpy. Sometimes it is easier to aim for clumpy, then just add a drop or two more of the alcohol to get the desired consistency.

Then just paint it onto the area you want gilded, allow to dry - the alcohol evaporates pretty quickly. Repeat until you have the coverage you want.

Once all the alcohol has evaporated from your paint, you can return the luster dust to its container for re-use.

NB The design of these cookies is from Amber Spiegel - to see her tutorial go to

Happy decorating!


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