Tuesday, 11 June 2013

Creating a (Pineapple) Cookie

For the fruit cookie classes I wanted to do some pineapples - decorated using the "quilting" technique. But I don't have a pineapple cookie cutter. So, abandon the idea or improvise?
Well, obviously I improvised...!

It can be really fun coming up with a way to create a shape out of other shapes. (Callye from Sweet Sugar Belle is really amazing with this!) and gratifying to get extra use out of sometimes obscure, how-did-I-justify-buying-that-one? cookie-cutters.

I'm sure you don't plan on constructing a pineapple cookie any time soon. Do you??
So, you can skip the photos if you want to - just follow the principles:

(For some basic tips on working with cookie dough see here.)


When you're making a cookie out of two or more cutters, create as long seam between the two as possible (in this case, because it was at the "neck" of the cookie - a real weak spot,
I cut out a wedge on the top of the apple, rather than just straight across, to increase the length of the join).

Use a cookie dough that isn't too dry and crumbly (Link for my butter cookie recipe)

Assemble on the baking tray.

Use your fingers to get the two edges thoroughly melded together, no tiny gaps should remain.


Remove from the oven, but leave to cool completely on the baking sheet before moving the cookies. 

Avoid handling at the join.

Once dried, the iced cookie will be stronger than un-iced.

Make extra, just in case some still break.

Happy cookie-creating!


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