Friday, 17 May 2013

Hello Kitty Cookie-Pops

I'll freely admit that there are a good few (dozen) things that I'm not good at - symmetry being one, and taking pictures while I'm doing something is another. There are plenty more, but let's save them for another time...
I mention those two, because they're relevant to my post today:

Hello Kitty Cookie-Pops!

I made these for some fellow bakers in PMB - Leigh and Gen from Simply D'Licious. What talented ladies! So I was especially nervous about doing these cookies - because these gals produce such great things, themselves. I had a night full of royal icing dreams before I was going to start! And I was especially worried because I knew I was heading into crater territory: Royal icing in small spaces craters. It does. And it is hard to stop. Read this post from Marion of "Sweetopia" if it is something that bothers you, too ; )

See the craters in the paws and bow?

Here are a few (blurred!) pic's of the process:

Using "15-20 second consistency" royal icing*, I outlined the bow first, then the rest of the face and body with black royal icing.
*(see here for a bit about consistency), or another post on  cookie decorating basics.

After that had dried, I flooded the face, the hands and ears - crater territory!!
Left that to dry for 15 minutes.

Then the bow and top - with some wet-on-wet detail on the top. And left that to dry.

Then added the eyes and nose.

I thought I was done, but then remembered: the whiskers!

Bye-bye Kitty!


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