Monday, 22 April 2013

Sugarpaste Cameo in Two Colours

I'm hiding from the destruction that is happening in my kitchen. Today is a big day:  (more) walls are being knocked out and *shudder* my hob and oven are being removed.
So I'm feeling a little rudderless.
I've cooked my final meal on that stove. It was oats for breakfast. Talk about going out with a bang! Ha Ha!
I don't know why I feel a little teary at the thought - it was a very tricky oven to get to know. But it has seen me through the past 8 years, and just when I feel that I have finally figured it out, it's getting dumped. Sob!

Anyway, this is a no-oven needed  tutorial that I put together after I saw a question about doing this on Facebook:

How to make a Sugarpaste Cameo in 2 Colours. 

You will need a small amount of tylose paste in the two colours of your choice - in this case, white and avocado.
 And a cameo mould.

1. smear a small amount of Holsum/ white vegetable fat into the mould 

 2. Using the white paste, fill the figure part of the mould. Only a very small amount of paste is needed. 
I fill outwards first, pushing into all the corners. 

3. Then, carefully work the paste back inwards into the margins of the figure - I just use my fingers, but you could use various fondant tools or a toothpick to help.

and just a little more....

4. Now, using the second colour, make a vagulely oval shape out of the tylose paste

5. Place it onto the figure, and work it back from the edges of the mould so that it forms a neat oval. 
(if your paste is dry, a touch of tylose glue will help to stick the two parts together)
6. roll over the paste with your small fondant roller.

7. Remove paste from by bending the mould and peeling the cameo out. 
If you've used tylose paste and a bit of Holsum you shouldn't have any trouble getting the decoration out of the mould. 

8. Finish off by surrounding the cameo with sugar pearls

A classic Beauty. 

I hope that makes sense!


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