Wednesday, 17 April 2013

"Ole'!" Colours

Our home was a hive of busy-ness today:
Builders, carpenters, plumbers, tilers. Lots of noise and dust and activity.

I was hiding away in my tower, doing some alchemy.
Well, that's what I pretended to myself. Actually I was sitting in the dining room, mixing royal icing colours for our "Ole'!" Mexicano cookie class. But it did feel like I was dabbling with exotic potions! A touch of this and a little of that and - voila!

LilaLoa (great cookie artist and guru of colour  color!) posted recently about how she mixes her royal icing colours:
Read all about it here: "Let's Talk about Hue - Make your Colors Match." (11 April 2013)

So that's what I tried with the icing for the "Ole'!" class we have coming up.
And it worked! Of course ; )

I've chosen a pretty vibrant colour palette for the theme, with boldly contrasting hues.
Using Georgeanne (LilaLoa) 's tip of mixing a tiny bit of each colour in with the other colours (read her post if you want that to make sense! I'm dabbling and babbling - she's the pro!) just helped to bring the hues together.

What do you think? I really should have taken a before-and after-picture, but hey-ho - I didn't!

For the royal icing recipe I use, go here
For some tips on working with royal icing, go here (which, co-incidentally, I wrote after my very first batch of "Mexican" cookies). 

Can't wait for the class - Ole'!


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