Monday, 18 February 2013

Fondant Miffy Tutorial

I'm a little off colour today, so please excuse the quality of the photos (and the squishy looking body in the 2nd to last picture - I forgot to add tylose powder!). But it has been so long since I posted a tutorial, that I had to follow through the compulsion to get it done today! Blame it on my fevered brain ; )

So, this is Miffy. I didn't know Miffy until about a year ago. Why, she isn't as popular in SA as Hello, Kitty, I don't know. She is really cute - albeit in a slightly lugubrious kind of way. She is Dutch, and her real name is Nijntje. Try pronounce that one!

Miffy is drawn in a minimlist style, so she is really easy to capture in sugar paste....

  1.  Add tylose powder to your fondant to make "modeling paste". See here for more details.
  2.  By hand, shape a white piece into a ball, two long ovals for ears, two small tear-drops for paws, and two larger tear drops for feet. 
  3. In another colour, shape a large tear-drop body and two smaller ones for sleeves. 
  4.  You can add a collar and button in 3rd colour, too. The collar is simply made by cutting a circle in half. Attach with a little tylose glue
  5. Use some dry spaghetti to support the head, and ears. Attach with a dab of tylose glue. 
  6. Indent the bottom of the sleeve, and attach the paw using tylose glue.
  7. Draw the eyes and mouth on with an edible marker - the ink is edible, not the marker ; ) - once the head is dry. 


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