Monday, 31 December 2012

Glittering Butterflies

When I was thinking about how to decorate a cake for New Year, what was weighing on my mind was how tough a year 2012 was for a lot of people.  The idea of making decorations that reflect the traditional New Year's celebrations of champagne and fireworks just didn't gel with me.
 I opted for butterflies instead. Beautiful, glowing butterflies : )
To me, they symbolize renewal and transformation. A butterfly has to go through the struggle of emerging from its cocoon - without the struggle, its wings are deformed and useless.
So, if you had a tough year in 2012, you'll have really strong and beautiful wings this year!

And now, on a less philosophical note...

Here's how to glitz up those wings:
(this is different to using luster dust)

 Roll out Tylose paste, and cut out butterflies

Transfer cut-outs to a disposable container, and brush with clear alcohol
....keep the champagne for later ; )

Sprinkle liberally with edible glitter

Use a dry brush to spread the glitter over the butterflies

Allow to dry 

...and decorate! 

I sincerely wish that 2013 is a beautiful "Butterfly Year" for all of you. 

Happy New Year! 


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