Friday, 21 December 2012

Christmas Cookies

If you were planning on making some decorated biscuits for Christmas, now would be a good time to start : )
Remember - it's a process that takes a couple of days, or more:
Day 1 - Make the cookie dough (see the index for various flavour options)
Day 2 - Roll-out, cut-out and bake the biscuits.
           - Make royal icing
Day 3 - Decorate biscuits
Day 4 - Add details (wet-on-dry)
Day 5 - Package completely dry biscuits....

That takes us to Christmas Day - just in time ; )

You can short-cut a few of those steps, of course (I've been speeding up the drying process in my oven - fan on, ultra low temp. or just the oven light for the tiniest bit of heat - don't tell anyone I'm cheating!)

And if you find yourself a little short of Xmas cookie cutters, take heart - there are plenty "festive" shapes you can make just out of round cutters. Here's a few ideas...

No glue necessary - just mush the two together at the join

Be sure to use a "sticky" dough if you're joining two cut-outs together. I did a few with a relatively dry dough, and a had a lot of snowmen loosing their heads... so I made a some owls...

...which I really enjoyed. Serendipity!

Another one of my favourites was this wreath:

And if you look in the gallery, you'll find some more ideas of what to do with round cutters for Christmas.

Happy creating!


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