Wednesday, 29 August 2012

Quilted Cookie Tutorial

Another dry, hot 'Berg wind today - great cookie decorating weather (except for the soot blowing up from the valley, after all the winter fires).
So I did a whole lot of cookies for my son's school Grandparents Day - Paris Theme.  The event is only in two weeks time, but I don't know how long this dry weather will hold, and I just don't feel like trying to do this with wet, soggy royal icing...

 ...they were done with rubber stamps, and gel food colouring for ink. So simple.
So now I'm going to be on the look-out for interesting rubber stamps. I love having an excuse to visit Scrapbooking shops! I always have to remind myself that the embellishments they sell aren't edible. though!!

At the same time I did a couple of quilted cookies, and I thought I should share the technique with you.

Before I start - mine really are not the prettiest quilted cookies you will ever see! I don't have a steady enough hand, and as much as I like Ateco nozzles, the size 1 just isn't fine enough.

Anyway, here goes...

Start with a cookie ; )

Outline with 15-20sec icing (see Royal Icing notes here)

Cross-hatch with the same icing

Fill in alternate squares with the same icing

And now leave it to dry

Once dry, fill in the other squares

(bad photo, because it was now nighttime)

And once those squares are also dry, finish off with dots at the line junctions.  

That's all! 

Happy decorating.  


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