Sunday, 19 August 2012

Hedgehog Cupcake Topper Tutorial

Following on from the previous post about working with modeling paste and tylose (here), I though I should go through a photo tutorial of how to make a cute cupcake topper.

I chose to do a hedgehog with you because a) they are just so very cute! and b) when I was looking on-line a while ago for ideas on how to model a hedgehog, I couldn't find any.
So, this is the way I came up with - I'm sure there are others ; )

What you will need:

-a ball of dark brown modeling paste or chocolate marshmallow fondant (approx large marble size)
-a ball of lighter brown modeling paste, with a small marble sized portion put aside
-tylose glue and brush for applying
-modeling tools: bone tool, and the one that makes a smiley face* or a small piping nozzle
-a knife or palette knife
-small fondant roller
-a pair of sharp pointed scissors

  *I have no idea what this is called!! And if you don't have one, the edge of a small icing nozzle does the job just as well.

Begin with the light brown paste. Roll it into a fat sausage with a point, and with the one finger flatten out the pointed end. 

Mark off where you will put the eyes

From the small ball of light paste that you put aside, roll out 4 balls for feet (NB leave some paste for ears).  

Make them into tear-drop shapes

Tuck them under the body of the hedegehog - use a little glue; and indent the paws with a palette knife

Take a small piece of the dark brown paste / choc MMF and make your hedgehog a nose - attach with a dab of tylose glue. 
Give him/her a smile ("smiley" tool, or edge of icing nozzle) 

Now it's time to work with the dark brown fondant ...start with a ball

Roll it into an oval 

Measure it on your hedgehog, and cut off the excess (doesn't he look all naked and a little pathetic in the background there? Shame - lets dress him, quick!) 

Lay  this over the back of the hedgehog (attach with tylose glue)

Then, take the scissors, and with the flat of the blades parallel to the table, use just the tips to cut small V's into the hedgehog's coat.

Continue doing this until the whole coat is done

Now take the rest of the light brown paste, and roll it into two small balls

Indent with the bone tool

pinch them out on the one side

Leave them to dry for a few minutes, so that they don't distort when attaching them.  Then glue them in place.  

Optional extras:
You can either paint the eyes in with gel colour, or just use black sprinkles if you have them  

 Add a bit of blush to the cheeks and nose  

and a small tylose flower next to an ear...

All done. Sweet and simple  : )

Happy creating!


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