Friday, 26 August 2016

Coffee and Chocolate Drip Cake

Coffee and chocolate.
There's really not much more one needs to say.

Ok, no - there's plenty to say on the subject.
If anyone ever suggested a detox program to me, the short answer would be no. The long answer: coffee and chocolate. I rest my case.
I'm no chocoholic. I could live without it. (But I wouldn't want to.)
Coffee, though, I'm a full-blown addict. And if you put the two together - happy place!

So, this cake is a homage to coffee and chocolate....

It's alternating layers of coffee cake and chocolate cake, sandwiched together with caramel and Nutella. It is covered with vanilla swiss meringue buttercream, drizzled with dark chocolate ganache and more caramel.

And then topped with the kinds of treats you could imagine indulging in while you enjoy your cappuccino. 

I used this recipe for the chocolate layers. And then for the coffee layers, well... I'm still working on that recipe. When I'm happy with it, I'll share it with you. Promise. (It's a coffee-promise; which is one that you just don't break!)  

Happy baking!



  1. Your baking is so beautifully perfect. I am sure you have a household of happy tummies Marina :) I hope one day I can produce cakes as stunning and detailed as these.

    1. Ah, thank you - what a lovely thing to say! I think we are always hypercritical of our own creations though, and see all the flaws. I have to constantly remind myself not to pursue perfection - it's only cake, and will be eaten!
      Enjoy your baking and creating!

    2. Absolutely, perfection and baking do not really exist and the say, what matters on the inside is what truly counts, couldn't be more suitable when it comes to a cake. If it tastes awful, then no amount of prettiest and decorating will make up for that xx