Tuesday, 26 July 2016

Ballerina Cookies

I attended a ballet class once, when I was about 4.
We had to run around the stage pretending to scoop up flowers and place them in an imaginary basket. It was mid-term, so the other little girls had all been doing this for a few weeks already.
They knew where to run. But they hadn't learnt to be light-footed yet. And I got trampled in the stampede.

End of story.

But I love a ballet theme. Pink and pretty - it just makes me happy! (No stampede PTSD).
My daughter isn't interested in doing ballet, though (despite demanding the full kit a couple of years ago.) So we're unlikely to have a ballet-themed party for her.
I just had to schedule a ballerina cookie decorating class instead.

Those lovely twirling ballerinas are inspired by Sweetsugarbelle
(She has a number of suggestions of what to use for the faces; I used a ladybird fondant plunger-cutter set for these cookies.) 

You hardly see a set of ballet cookies without them these days. Such a clever idea! 

Now, mine is not nearly as clever, but here's how I turned a heart into a pair of ballet shoes: 

My  favourite out of this set, though, are these two sweet ballerinas - lost in their dance....


 I printed out a template image (Google search - "ballerina silhouette"); drew around it on the dried royal icing background, and then iced on the figures. 
The skirt ruffles are done using an Ateco 101 petal tip, and stiff royal icing. 

"Dancing is like dreaming with your feet"

Happy decorating!


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