Friday, 6 February 2015

Love Bee Cookies

So a few days ago I posted the question "how many heart shapes could one possibly transform into bees?" It was rhetorical... I knew the answer - every heart!
Bees buzzing everywhere!
It happens like that if you're a little OTT about themes the way I am....

Let's talk about the evolution of these canoodling bees from a double heart cutter ...

gerund or present participle: canoodling
  1. kiss and cuddle amorously.
    "she was caught canoodling with her boyfriend"

Sketch on paper:

 Sketch on cookie:

Outline wings with piping consistency icing* and an Ateco 00 or PME 1.5 tip.

 Outline bodies

 and stripes
(Yes, I know - different bees!
Just be grateful there are photo's, ok?!)
Flood a section with flooding consistency icing* ("15 second icing" )
 After the first stripe has dried (approx. 20 min)
fill in the yellow, and the opposite side's black stripe. Add some wet-on-wet pink cheeks
(you'll see them in the next pic!)

Fill in the outer wing first, let that set before  flooding the second wing

Use piping consistency icing to add final details - eyes, feelers, little shared heart.

For a royal icing recipe and explanation of consistencies, see here.

Cookie designs inspired by Sweet SugarBelle, SweetFace Cookie Boutique and Cookie Crazie;
the canoodlers are my own ;o) 

Ha-bee decorating!


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