Thursday, 22 January 2015

Back to School Cookies

Back to school this week - and I'll say it without an ounce of maternal guilt: at-friggin-last!
I love my children, but 6 weeks of having them at home has done my head in. I don't even mind having the morning rush again - because it means sanity will follow for a few hours!

So, I truly am celebrating "Back2School" with these cookies!

I need quiet and calm to be creative, so I want to tell you, it was no easy feat decorating these cookies during the holidays with constant calls to (mom) duty. But somehow I managed. I did not manage to take any work-in-progress pic's though, so my only offering is a something you probably already know and do; but here it is anyway:

Don't throw away your left over royal icing, freeze it until you need that colour, or alternatively mix it all together when you need black. Purples are especially easy to turn to black with the addition of a bit of super black gel. 

Make sure that the container you freeze the icing in is air-tight.
It takes about an hour to thaw.
And if it does develop a crust around the edge, just scoop out the soft icing from the centre, discard the rest.

That's my bit.
I have to go rest my head.

Happy decorating!

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