Friday, 14 February 2014

Valentines Cookies: Wet-on-Wet Hearts

This might be a few hours (days?!) too late to be of any use for V Day. I'm sorry about that, but it seems I'm still on island time. It was a great break, wonderfully relaxing; and so it's quite a shock to the system to be back to reality. What - I have to cook? And clean? And no-one's serving me vanilla tea for breakfast?? Not even today, on Valentine's Day??

Quite clearly, I'm suffering from island fever in reverse, and the only cure is another holiday… ha ha... sob…

Poolside iPhone snapshot
So, I'm going to keep this really short and simple, if that's okay with you?

Wet-on-Wet Hearts

Outline and flood a biscuit with flooding consistency royal icing (15second icing):


(Red icing coloured with a mix of Red Red and Super Red gel colours.)

Immediately pipe dots of a different colour icing onto the flooded background - use flooding consistency for the dots, too.

Wet-on-wet dots

Drag the tip of a toothpick through the dots - start above the dot and pull through the icing until you have created the heart shape. In this case the direction of pull was from the notch of the heart, anti-clockwise and downwards:

Wet-on-wet hearts

Repeat on the other side:

Allow to dry for 24 hrs before packaging.

I hope you are having a lovely and love-filled Valentine's Day!



  1. Hi Marina,
    Tried my first ever iced biscuits today! I made your valentines wet-on-wet hearts and am so impressed with the results. Thanks for a fantastic website and all the tutorials.

    1. Oh, I'm so glad: well done! And happy Valentines Day! ;o)