Thursday, 30 January 2014

Valentines Giveaway

Apparently you can't announce winners of competitions on Facebook. I didn't know that, but then I'm not one to read fine print. 
So,  I've bumped you here from the Tea, Cake + Create Facebook page to find out the winner of my spur-of-the-moment Valentine's Giveaway
While you're here - make yourself comfortable, look around, and find something sweet to make or bake : )

But back to the giveaway:

Everyone's suggestions were really great - and it just shows you how versatile one cutter can be.
When I first saw this cookie cutter, forget the groovy moustache - all I could see were lovebirds and wings. (And aren't they such pretty wings?! I'll definitely be using them for that, too.)  
 But the answer is  ….

…a pair of Lovebirds (the clue being the theme of the upcoming Valentines / Lovebirds cookie class!)

And out of the pool of correct answers, the winner is…..

Jolene Collier! 

You know how to get hold of me, Jolene. Congratulations! 

That was fun - should we do it again? 


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  1. Wow she is a lucky chic. Yes I thought it was a lot of fun.