Friday, 12 July 2013

Rubber Stamps and Cookies

Our bags aren't packed, and we're not ready to go, but tomorrow we'll be leaving on a jet-plane!
We'll be gone for two weeks, and then I'll be straight back and into my kitchen baking up a storm for my son's birthday party.
So much to do!

But first a holiday : )

And I'm squeezing in a quick "how-to" before I get stuck into packing.

How-to use rubber stamps on cookies:

You'll need:

  • Cookies iced with royal icing that have had at least 24hrs to dry completely
  • Non-inked ink pad - available at stationery stores
  • Gel food colour - usually black or brown, to make your edible ink
  • Clear alcohol - vodka, cane, etc
  • Rubber stamps - to be used exclusively with edible ink!

Mix the gel colour with alcohol in a ratio of 1:1
Use a large paintbrush, or pastry brush to evenly distribute this "ink" over the non-inked pad.
Test the stamp on some paper towel before applying to the cookie - some areas of the stamp may take up more colour than others.
When pressing down with the stamp on the cookie, be aware that there is often a dip in the centre of the cookie - so be sure to press down firmly on the middle of the stamp.
Allow the ink to dry, then
Add details with royal icing, or paint made from food colour and alcohol
 - I often just dry brush on powdered colours and luster dusts - or a combination of these.

Happy stamping!


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