Thursday, 27 September 2012

Creative Cookie Cutters

 I have a small problem: I seem to have an irrepressible desire to own every cute cookie cutter out there. (Just in case I need to use them all, someday).
This is probably going to land up being an expensive habit. But I guess that there are worse addictions to have!
It's not always easy, though, to find the cookie cutters used to create the amazing cookies that people from all around the world are posting pictures of on Flickr and Pinterest.
Every now and then I just cannot stop myself and I order something from the States or UK. The fact that the shipping costs more than the goods is a real downer though!

But I really wanted needed these Russian Doll cutters a few months ago...

...I know I'm not the only one out there with a thing for Russian Dolls!

Anyway, thankfully I have my cookie classes to justify all these cutters, and we actually had a really great Mother's Day class making Russian Doll cookies...

But you will notice that I have a set of three cookie cutters, but there are 4 Russian Doll cookies in that picture. And that's where the "Creative Cookie Cutters" comes in.  

This is my large Russian Doll cutter...


And in March, when I wanted to make hedgehog cookies for our Autumn Woods class, looking through my selection of cutters, this is what I found: a sea shell

...but, it made some cute hedgehogs...

(I still haven't used that one to make sea shell cookies...but I'm sure I will, someday!)

So, here's how (really simple):

Want a cookie like this, but don't have the cutter...

Look through your basic shapes...

(bonus points for being able to use the imported Russian Doll cutter again!)


Squash the parts together, no glue necessary...

And bake. 

(See here for some cookie baking basics.) 

And if the giraffe doesn't mooove you...  : ) 


If you want some more ideas on using cookie cutters, please visit Sweet SugarBelle . That is where I got the inspiration for the giraffe, as well as the whole "Jungle Fever" theme we are doing in tomorrow and next Saturday's class.  

It's going to be wild!

Happy creating!


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