Thursday, 11 May 2017

(Another) Unicorn Cake

Jeez, my life...
I had set aside an afternoon to finish the details on my niece's birthday cake (she's an avid horse rider and star show-jumper in-the-making, but I figured: horses/ unicorns ... I'd personally choose the unicorn...!).
My thinking had initially been a cotton candy mane. But it turns out, cotton candy doesn't like being exposed to air - even dry, autumn air.
So plan B was buttercream rosettes.

And then I got called back to theatre for an emergency (back 'cos I'd already been there the whole morning).
So, to plan C...
A few twists of modelling chocolate/fondant; flowers and stars (made the previous day, thankfully) and the unicorn was done.

And no - I didn't have time to take photo's along the way. The collage is a mock-up I did later,  just for you.

All in a days work 😅

Happy decorating!


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