Sunday, 8 May 2016

Mothers Day Tea and Cake Cookies

Happy Mothers Day! Or just happy Sunday, if you're not a mom! ;o)
I'm not big into celebrating these "holidays", but my family doesn't need to know that... So I capitalised on a bit of guilt (we're good at that, us moms!) by suggesting that in lieu of a gift, I wanted the house cleaned and tidied this Sunday - up to my standards, not theirs.
A friend suggested that this request would mean I'd be woken up by the sound of clanking dishes and vacuuming. I'd be quite happy with that if it meant someone else had noticed that there were dishes to be washed!!

Let's talk about colours. The theme for this Mothers Day cookie class was Tea & Cake. I wanted pretty, but not too bright or fresh. It's not summer here, after all. So, to get this look, I used the standard Cake Flora/ Americolor gel colours (see below), and added a touch of black  (and I mean just a touch!).  The result is still a very pretty colour scheme, just muted - let's call it antiqued, rather than washed-out. (Appropriate for Mothers Day?!!)

  Both pinks are deep pink; the green is mint green with a bit of turquoise, and the purple is a mix of regal and electric purple

Add a touch of black. If you overdo it, just add a little more of the original colour. 

Our "antiqued" colours. Pretty, huh? 


Yes, that's it - I'm just antiqued

Happy decorating!  


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