Sunday, 13 December 2015

Christmas Cupcakes 2015

These were the Christmas cupcakes that nearly weren't. 
Very nearly weren't. 
I've been burning the candle at both ends recently (who hasn't?!), but had things under control. I was wrapping up the cookie classes; my Christmas demo cupcakes were already done, all I had to do was bake for the cupcake classes and prepare the pastes and icing. In between work and, you know - life. 

And then ... disaster! I'd been storing the cupcakes in the oven, away from humidity and harm. Which is a good idea, a long as the oven doesn't  accidentally get turned on. Aargh! 
Well, I didn't really like those cupcakes anyway (*Sob*)!  

So, I had to find another few hours to make new demo's. Who needs sleep, anyway?
And did I mention that Durban's weather has been 38'C with 80% humidity lately?! 
If you've never had to make sugar creations in those kind of conditions... Count. Yourself.  Lucky!

So, these were all round two. Photo's taken before the Friday class. They didn't look that way by Saturday. The gingerbread man especially couldn't handle the heat. He fell to pieces.
That's the story of the gingerbread man. Southern hemisphere style.

Anyway, we did it: Christmas cupcakes classes all wrapped up.
Thank you, Saturday ladies for shifting to a later time slot !! (I had to squeeze in two theatre cases before the class... burning that candle, and all...!)

Poinsettia tutorial here:

Gingerbread man tutorial here:

Happy decorating!


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